We’ll help you get the numbers and structures right, so you can focus on investing in properties.

Property Investment Strategy and Advice

When seeking property advice, you want to be sure it’s coordinated

Being a specialist property investment accountant, we’re privy to development & investment opportunities that the everyday investor will never see. An in-house financial broker coupled with an accountant ensures that we get the numbers correct to allow you to invest for tomorrow, without sacrificing today. We’ll help you get the numbers & structures right, so you can focus on investing in & developing your properties. That’s why we offer every service an investor or developer could need.

There’s so many ways we can help you achieve your goals with our property investment tips and strategies:

  • Analyse cash flow and profitability of property investments
  • Administration assistance with maintaining accurate records for ATO
  • Compliance preparation of tax returns and other forms required by the authorities

We can be a sounding board for your ideas and ambitions and discuss any questions you have, helping you make those important decisions.

  • In whose name should the next property be in?
  • What is my risk profile?
  • Do I need to structure into a trust with this or the next property?
  • How many properties should I hold in any one trust
  • How much will the structures costs?
  • What are the land tax liabilities likely to be?

How we can help:

  • We can help you save on tax paymentsA property investment can provide attractive tax benefits; we can help you select the property investment that maximises potential tax benefits. Property investments through SMSF may also be an option for you.
  • We can teach you strategies on property investments and SMSFDevising a scheme for your investment is vital to ensure high returns. We can help you create a feasible plan for your property investment
  • We can assist you in choosing the ideal propertyUnless you are a seasoned property investor, scouting for the ideal property could be a great challenge. We can assist you in looking for the property that has the opportunities to appreciate in value over time.

Innovatus Accountants are Experts in property tax and structuring, we have proven success stories in building a property portfolio from scratch…


  • Specialists in Property Tax
  • Property Tax Returns
  • Property Planning – (Tailored Strategies)
  • Pre Purchase Property Advice
  • Capital Gain Tax analysis and Tax Planning
  • Property Trust setups and structuring
  • Property Portfolio analysis and wealth building
  • Starting a Property development business
  • Are you creating a business? – what you need to know

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