Managing a business takes a lot more than knowledge alone – you also need strength and determination in spades. And that also means there’s a significant risk of burning out.

The longer you’re in business the more successful you are and the easier running a business becomes.

But many business owners burn out and give up before they reach this point.

So, what can you do to keep business burnout at bay and last the distance?

Here are five things to seriously consider doing so that you can maintain the rage when appropriate, without the risk of running out of steam.

1. Take holidays

I know from personal experience how difficult it can be to schedule in time for yourself when you own a business.

Who’s going to manage it while you’re away? Will you lose customers? Can you afford to not work in the business?

All these thoughts prevent us from doing the best thing for ourselves and our business and that is to take a break.

Small business owners are ‘on’ 24/7 so it is even more important that you take breaks from business.

Holidays give you the chance to recharge those batteries, keep perspective and renew your enthusiasm for what you do. I recently took the longest holiday I had taken in 20 years. It was only five weeks, but it was the best thing I have done for me and my business.

I completely relaxed, which I understand is difficult for business owners. Prior to that, I’d only taken a maximum two-week holiday.

But as you know, it’s pretty hard to recharge in just two weeks – you are only just starting to feel like you are on holidays and then you are back at work.

My advice is to schedule in a decent break every couple of years and to regularly take breaks, of one week at least, throughout the year.

It takes practice to put yourself first in business (clearly it has taken me 20 years), so start now.

2. Identify and remove stressors

Take note of what things really stress you out in your business and see if you can remove them.

It might be an annoying customer who never pays on time, or a particular supplier, a dodgy printer or wasting hours of every day sifting through spreadsheet upon spreadsheet.

Remove as many of these things as you can because they generate stress every day.

Consider sacking the customer, change suppliers if possible, and ditch the spreadsheets for an online accounting software package.

Making change can make your business day more enjoyable, thereby reducing the chances of burnout.

3. Take action! Don’t procrastinate

Putting off the things you don’t want to do is understandable, but it isn’t great for running a business.

There are always going to be things that we don’t really want to do that we have to do as business owners. Avoiding them doesn’t make them go away.

They are still there, but they now create a real burden of guilt and anxiety that can make it hard to face the business day.

Set aside some time every week or every month to just tackle the things that need to be done. It might be contacting the Tax Office or your Accountant, sorting out your technology, updating your database or making those follow up phone calls.

Reduce the torture of the never-ending to-do list and just start getting stuff done.

4. Engage a coach

You may have heard the quote ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’ that’s the power of getting a professional to come and work with you.

Many business owners are working in isolation which creates its own challenges.

Engaging a coach can be the perfect antidote to business burnout.

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